The Neema girl is a free-spirited, risk taker who lives life fearlessly because she knows every day is a gift.

Neema means  bliss the moment when she realizes she’s not scared to try, the moment directly following the epiphany. Feeling accomplished and grateful for the chances she’s been given, the one girl who stands up and tries one more time.

The Neema girl is very California, she’s edgy, confident, and fiercely carefree. She’s not scared to try new things and mix styles she buys vintage, she goes to the flea market, and she loves making old new again. Her room is a fairytale with string lights and plants. She is a romantic and surrounds herself with positivity and encouragement. She loves animals and surfing, slobber and salt water. Etiquette means nothing and adventure is everything. Hawaii is her dream but Los Angeles is her home.